Speak your brand, loud and clear.


  • “Beth did a fantastic job. She drove the project and made sure that team members – myself included – remained focused until the job was done. We’re very happy with the website and have been getting great feedback from potential clients.”

    - Nigel W., Managing Director, Parking Matters Limited

  • “Cost was a key concern for us. Beth recognized this and proposed an affordable solution that drew on existing partnerships and materials. She worked within our constraints and delivered a great website that our clients and stakeholders admire.”

    - François L.V., Associate, Statiom

  • “Beth helped us to structure our thinking and get the project moving. She helped us to define our messaging and make sure that we present our offering in a coherent way. Her ability to work in two languages was very useful as she was able to create our English content, translate text and provide feedback on our French material. She is a part of the Studio Cigale team!”

    - Olivier P., CEO, Studio Cigale

  • “It was great having an external eye on this project. I found it very hard thinking objectively about how to put forward my art and articulate what I do. The portfolio looks great and does a wonderful job showcasing my work in a user-friendly way.”

    - Thomas W., Freelance Concept Artist, TWilliams Art

  • “Beth’s biculturalism is a real asset for us. She understands French culture as well as the cultures and habits of our target markets. Her insights, languages and writing skills have been very useful as we take our business global.” 

    - Nathalie B., CEO, Just for Elle